Don’t clean your gutters… micro-screen your gutters!
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Do Gutter Filter screens go on existing gutters?
Yes, GutterFilter installs on both 5″ & 6″ metal gutters.
Why GutterFilter vs. other products on the market?
GutterFilter is a fully enclosed system so unlike gutter guards or gutter helmets, there are no openings for debris. The screen is made from surgical grade stainless steel so it doesn’t corrode and organic matter doesn’t adhere to it. And GutterFilter does not go under your shingles. It is attached to the top front of your gutter and to your fascia so that your gutter is reinforced like a box. It is the best gutter protection available today.
Will GutterFilter allow all the water into the gutter?
Yes, GutterFilter has the highest throughput of any gutter protection. It allows an amazing 60 inches of rain per hour.

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