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Exceptional Gutter Protection

With Gutter Filter gutter guards, the water flows into the gutter because there are no openings for debris to enter the gutter. Gutter Filter has a very high throughput so it works well in heavy rain and on any roof pitch. And Gutter Filter gutter guards In Minnesota winters allow the ice melt into the gutter. Gutter Filters design and gutter guard installers ensure that your roofs water flows freely into the gutter by shedding the debris and allowing only water into the gutter system.


Guaranteed Gutter Protection

Whether you’re installing gutters or have existing gutters, Gutter Filter installs on and reinforces your existing gutters.
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What We Do

Gutter Filter

A gutter protection system that ends gutter cleaning forever. Unlike the gutter helmet or leaf guard type solid gutter hoods, Gutter Filter has no openings to allow debris into the gutter. Gutter Filter is fully enclosed, so not even seeds, pine needles, or shingle grit can enter the gutter. And since Gutter Filter is a screen, it works on both steep roofs and all roof pitches, unlike traditional gutter guards which rely on surface tension to pull water into the gutter. This is the ultimate in gutter protection. No longer will you need to climb a ladder to pull wet leaves and grit that have been clogging your gutters. Our surgical grade stainless steel gutter screen filters out all debris so that cleaning out your gutters is a thing of the past. Gutter Filter is so effective at filtering debris from entering the gutter that many of our customers use it for rainwater harvesting. Gutter Filter attaches to the front of your gutter and to your fascia so it transforms your gutter into a fully enclosed box, which dramatically increases the strength of your gutter. This stronger gutter means that ice will no longer pull your gutters down and no longer will ice load cause gutter misalignment or gutter detachment.

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Why Choose Gutter Filter?

Lifetime Guarantee
Gutter Filter gutter protection allows nothing but water into your gutters
Gutter Filter does not go under or disturb roof shingles
Cost Effective
Gutter Filter installs on and reinforces existing gutters
No Overflow
Inner miter prevents overflow in problem valley areas
Surgical grade stainless steel micro-screen will not corrode or rust
Gutter Filter will take an amazing 60 inches of rain per hour
Curious about GutterFilter, or have questions?
We’d love to tell you more about making your home or business’s gutter system more efficient.
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